How Social Media Helps A Business Grow

7 April, 2015 (16:04) | Social Media | By: Jack Howarth

The Main Social Media Sites A Business Would Use To Grow.

There are 4 main social media sites a business would use to grow. Firstly there is LinkedIn, LinkedIn is a social media site designed specifically for the business community. The aim of the site is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally. Secondly there is Twitter, Twitter is a social media site that anyone can go on. It allows users to create a profile for either a business or a personal use. On Twitter you gain followers who will recieve your tweets down their Twitter feed. Thirdly there is Facebook, Facebook allows a personal acccount to ‘create a page’ for your business and add information and pictures about it. On Facebook a page can recieve likes from people meaning when they post a status or picture it will turn up on the users news feed. Lastly we have Google Plus, Google Plus is the newest of the four and it allows a google users to create their own profile or business profile for people to view and if a different users likes your profile it means they will receive notifcations when you post a new update.

How Does Having Social Media Help A Business?

When a business has social media accounts it means they can reffer customers to it so they can ‘like’ or ‘follow’ or ‘add to circles’ on their personal social media account. Doing so allows they’re friends to see they’re activity and on their activity it will show them liking a certain page. When users see their friends do this they sometimes take a look at the page themselves and see if they like it, If the user does like it obviously they will press the ‘like’, ‘follow’ or ‘add it to circles’ repeating the process again to their friends. another upside of doing this is it can create a better revenue and attract more customers helping your business grow.

Are There Any Other Ways It Helps?

Yes. Having a social media accounts with customers who like the page and buy from you will make it easier for you to promote sales and new stock to them due to the fact all it takes is a nicely typed out ‘tweet’,’status’ or ‘update’ and your customers will be able to see it on their news feed instead of advertising on bill boards which costs quite a bit of money and doesn’t always mean extra traffic towards your business.

Facebook google plus LinkedIn_logo_initials twitter

Google Maps Embed Pacman?

2 April, 2015 (14:03) | Uncategorized | By: Jack Howarth

What Have Google Done?

Google have recently embeded a new fun interactive feature to their maps system. The new feature added by google is a pacman game on the streets of the location you have searched. There has been many updates to google maps over the years from imagery of a shop near you (street view) up to a turn by turn navigation system using the GPS system.

How Do You Use The ‘Pacmap’?

To use the new interactive feature you have to:

1. Go to Google Maps

2. Type in a street name and search for it

3. when this is done you your screen should look like this:


4. from here at the bottom of the  maps you should be able to see the little pacman icon:

PacMap Icon

5. once you’ve clicked this on your selected street you will get the pacmap game screen:

Pacman Google

6. from here just use the arrow keys to navigate round and collect all the dots (just don’t get hit by the ghosts when they’re not dark blue)

Why Have Google Done This?

Google have done this to have a nice feature on their maps to make users feel more interactive when using it. They updated this feature on April Fools 2015 and released the update on the desktop website, iOS Devices and Adroid Devices. They believe this to be one of their most enoyable updates they have on Google Maps.

My Personal Opinion

Personally I think that this new update by Google could be the start of a more interactive era on the internet as Google is the most looked up to and used site on the internet. And from this other sites will be thinking what they could do to make there website more interactive and user frinedly for younger people.


Jack Howarth – New Digital Marketing Apprentice

19 March, 2015 (14:55) | Company News | By: Jack Howarth

Hi I’m Jack the new apprentice at Get Clicked On, I came through the Apprentice Academy to get a job here at Get Clicked On. Chris was my interviewer and made me feel very welcomed into the company and excited to participate and become part of the team.

I am very passionate and enthusiastic towards Digital Marketing and I feel here at Get Clicked On will help me kick start a career in this industry, which is exactly where I want to go with my career.  I hope to become a valued member of the team and gain knowledge and experience as my time as an apprentice here. So far I have been working here from the beginning of march and have learnt how to make landing pages and basic html coding on dreamweaver.  Having been here for only two weeks I already feel a part of the team and I am able to communicate well with everyone in the office.

When I started college I knew it wasn’t that right choice for me and I wanted to go straight into a work based environment so I went to the apprentice academy in hope they would find me an apprenticeship in digital marketing. 4 weeks after applying to the apprentice academy they got me a job interview here at Get Clicked On in which I was offered the job and happily accepted.

All in all I am very happy with my apprenticeship here and have expanded my knowledge on digital marketing with help from my work collegues: Chris, Kiefer, Jack, Hannah and Keaton.

Paid Social PPC Advertising Can Work

19 March, 2015 (13:55) | PPC & Display, Search Engine News | By: admin

Paid advertising can work on many levels from huge budgeted campaigns pushing their message upon thousands of potential consumers on international search engines to specifically targeted ROI advertising. So which is best for your brand?

Google is, and will always be a great place to advertise your product or service, but competition is fierce and business’ can struggle to spend their money effectively if they don’t understand it. Marketers can reach out to thousands of online users at a time with Google PPC, but can they always reach the customers that really matter to their business objectives?

Facebook PPC advertising is arguably the most exciting, targeted and effective new medium of advertising in the online marketer’s toolbox. Not only are the numbers impressive with more than 350 million active users averaging more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook in 70 different languages, but the hugely targeted approach is unparalleled. The ads can be targeted by keywords, sex, age, location, language, political views, relationship status, education status and workplace. Google Adwords , which has proved its success in its own right, only uses keywords and location to target potential traffic.

The brand identity Facebook has itself acts as a fantastic platform to create your own personality to position your brand as a fun, youthful one with innovative connotations and the news of the effectiveness of Facebook PPC has hardly gone unnoticed. A new report released from eMarketer , states that Facebook “will surpass its former rival, MySpace, in ad revenues in 2010, when marketers worldwide will spend $605 million (£381 million) on Facebook versus $385 million on MySpace”.

According to analytics firm Hitwise , Facebook was the “most visited site in the United States on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.” This is a huge milestone for Facebook as it was the first time the company was the most visited site in the U.S. ever, beating out the search giant Google!

Consumers who have been exposed to a brand through social media and paid search are 2.8 times more likely to search for that brand’s products. This sounds impressive, but it is important to note that social media PPC works far better for a brand with an emotional appeal. Charities and brands with powerful identities are particularly successful with the most noticeable example being Coca Cola who have the attracted over 4million users to their Facebook page. That figure is only beaten to the number one spot by Barack Obama’s page!

To conclude it is important to note that social media acts as a great integrative PPC tool and it probably won’t drive a huge amount of short-term revenue. The click-through rate (CTR) in paid search increases by 50% when consumers are exposed to both influenced social media and paid search.

After a successful two years, Facebook PPC advertising is really starting to come into its own and along with other social media sites can truly bring the definition of return on investment back to life!

Google Mobile Friendly Update

19 March, 2015 (13:45) | Search Engine News | By: admin

gmwtIf your website is not optimised for mobile traffic, you need to make it a priority. Google hinted of this coming algorithm update, and will be rolling it out globally over the next few weeks. (April 24th)  In their ever-increasing efforts to provide users with a better search experience Google created criteria for what defines a site as mobile-friendly and provides a testing tool to determine if sites pass the mobile-friendly test.

Googlebots will use the factors listed below to determine a site’s mobile friendliness:

  • The content must not be wider than the screen.
  • Links must not be too close together to make it easy for users to select the right link.
  • Text must be large enough to read without zooming.
  • The site must avoid using software for mobile devices, such as Flash, because Googlebots cannot read its content.
  • Sites must fit content to the screen device, whether smartphone or tablet, so users do not have to scroll horizontally or zoom.

To see if your site passes the mobile friendly test click here.

Of course this is advantageous for site developers and search engine optimizers who will likely experience a surge in business from site owners needing updates. 25 percent of all websites—roughly 74.6 million—are now built on WordPress. To meet the demand of Google’s mobile-friendly compliance developers have created several plugins that enable sites to exhibit a mobile-friendly version, however this option is more of a quick fix. Sites that fully convert to a responsive design will have the advantage over sites that are using plugins.

In addition to creating a Mobile-Friendly Test Tool, Google has also added a new section in the search traffic menu of Webmaster Tools that indicates a site’s Mobile Usability. It surveys usability errors that include touch element closeness, content size, font size, viewport configuration, and flash usage.

The Rules of Engagement on Facebook

19 March, 2015 (13:40) | Social Media | By: admin

fb-engageIf you want to make your content sharable and searchable on Facebook, you need to have a thorough understanding of Facebook principles and the general rules that apply to content and behavior.

These rules apply to not only the custom apps people build for Facebook, but the third-party social apps we all use as well: The photo upload contests, the share-to-win contests, trivia, quizzes, polls and Facebook app tab publishers. All of the mechanics of these apps and your usage of them must adhere to the Facebook Terms of Service (TOS) – if you don’t want to risk having your content disabled or your brand page shut down altogether.

Facebook has broken down its standards for publishing content on its platform into five broad categories they call principles. The five Facebook principles are:

1 / Build a quality product.

2 / Give people control.

3 / Protect data.

4 / Encourage proper use.

5 / Follow the law.

Each one of the above categories has a multitude of subcategories and detailed information behind it. This eBook touches on some of the more common aspects of the five principles, and a few of the esoteric details you need to know in order to stay in good standing with Facebook. Download The Rules of Engagement on Facebook now.

Our Revamped Get Clicked On Blog

19 March, 2015 (13:30) | Company News | By: admin

Welcome to our Newly REVAMPED Get Clicked On Blog ! After a couple of weeks of planning, we are delighted to announce the launch of our newly Updated and Revamped blog!

We have finally finished reinstalling and redesigning everything. I hope I will be able to update this blog from now on and so far, I am satisfied with how this blog looks even though it’s pretty simple. I guess I really shouldn’t make this site so complicated in the beginning, so it will be easy to update this blog


  • The blog now functions faster with our optimum codes and with the integration of the best modules available.
  • Our custom design has achieved desired impressions with an increased number of new visitors and an increase retention of old ones.
  • We designed a blog that is easy to manage and which has achieved a better outreach through social media.

We provided a better accessibility through social media including the icon placement for share, follow etc. We also provided integration of relevant key words and SEO optimisation to further increase the rank of their already popular blog. We redirected traffic from the old blog to the new site thus retaining our previous rankings.